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Amiga hard drives CF

Hard-drives for the Amiga

Compact Flash & SD hard-drives for your Amiga A600 & A1200

These are ready to go sets. Plug & Play! You don't need anything else to enjoy your new system apart from some recommended extra ram...

Simply put this IDE-CF Adapter (CF2IDE or SD2IDE) with our pre-configured Compact Flash Card into your Amiga 600 or 1200's and it will boot automatically to a pre-configured variation of Workbench. Our CF-IDE adaptors will fit perfectly and stable into your Amiga's internal IDE Hard-drive bus. Everything is prepared on real Amiga's for real Amiga's!

The CF card (Compact Flash) just acts like a real Amiga hard disk, Your Amiga won't know any different. Each card is setup for use on different spec machines, so ensure you are confident you are ordering the correct one for your Amiga.  Confused?  just send us a message with your Amiga's spec and version of Kickstart and we'll let you know the best one for you. Happy Days!

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