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The C64 Maxi

Modern remake of the Commodore 64

A superbly built remake of the Commodore 64 commonly known as  'THE C64 MAXI' with micro-switch joystick, 64 inbuilt games (but you can easily add your own), HDMI video output. Suitable for use anywhere in the World as we exclusively offer a universal power-supply and optional extras. Free UK delivery and at-cost Worldwide shipping available.

The world's best-selling home computer - Reborn, again…

The C64 is back, this time full-sized with a working keyboard for the dedicated retro home-computer fan.  And this one’s even better!   You can even add your own .D64 files!!  How cool is that?


- 64 built-in Commodore 64 Games, upgrade by adding your own downloaded C64 games.

- Near perfect SID emulation 

- 4 USB Ports

- HDMI output : 50Hz or 60Hz

Box Includes:

  *Fullsize C64 inspired Packaging

  *USB Power cable

  *HDMI TV cable

  *Micro-switched 'Competition Pro' Joystick

  *Quick start user-guide

Optional Extras:

  * Universal Power Supply.

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