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44Pin Male IDE To SD Card Adapter for Amiga A600 A1200 with optional 44pin IDE cable


  * Simple Plug & Play

  * No drivers required

  * Powers from the IDE interface


We can even offer an adapted the standard 2.5" 44pin cable so as to make the Amiga's Harddrive LED flash to show reading/writing activity like a normal harddrive would by adding a resistor in pin 39.


Your Amiga will identify the inserted SD card as a standard IDE hard disk. As such, you can install Workbench operating system and the SD card will be bootable.
Converts Secure Digital Card into IDE compatible hard drives.
Bootable solution for Amiga's and laptop computers in general.

[Compatible with MMC system specification 2.0 , SD Memory Card specification 1.0 , SDHC Memory Card. Compatible with DOS, Linux, Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, Vista and AmigaOS]

Amiga SD2IDE Adaptor (A600/A1200) with LED fix

PriceFrom £4.00

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