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Reproduction Game Boxes

Reproduction Video Game Boxes

Amiga & C64 custom reproduction game boxes

A range of reproduction custom game covers for classic Amiga and Commodore 64 games.

Our in-house graphic designer can reproduce and update any Amiga or C64 game / software artwork. With 20+ years of Photoshop/design experience, you can be sure of some superbly detailed covers.

Do you have a game cassette, floppy disk, Amiga CD or CD32 title, but no box?  We can update, rehash and rework any classic retro Commodore 64 or Amiga game.


Amiga games will be reworked for use with a DVD case or VHS case (supplied) and for Commodore 64 games, you'll get a new cassette case, DVD case or VHS case depending the game titles you request.


- Stunning modern rework of any game you choose.

- Enhance your games and software collection.

- Amiga artwork supplied with new DVD or VHS cases.

- Commodore 64 Artwork supplied with new single or double tape case, DVD case or VHS case.


It's simple to order... Order any number of covers from two to five at a time...  Add a note with the order listing the game titles, platform and publisher name (if known).


We'll then spend quality time designing, creating and printing them for you.  We'll send them out as soon as possible to anywhere in the world.

* Each new cover will have the spirit of the original game, and where possible we will use as much original high resolution images from the original game as possible. We design every cover from scratch, and all are exclusively available from ami64.

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