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Custom Commodore Amiga's

A Customised Amiga, Your Dream Machine?

We've been creating customised Amiga's for Years.

If we could spend our days just customising Amiga's and Commodore 64​'s, we would, but we also have other things that need doing. Saying that though, we do generally create one uniquely stunning original Amiga each week. If you've always dreamt of owning a very special Amiga, then we can help. We often have customised Amiga A600's and A1200's but do occasionally have Amiga A500's available.
Here you'll find a selection of recent machines, we can also build you a custom Amiga, whether it be an Amiga 600 or A1200 we are able to put your dream machine together for you in a matter of a couple of weeks or you can purchase one of our ready-2-go computers listed below.

Can't see the perfect Amiga for you? Then we can build an Amiga based on your specific requirements. You choose the case colour, keyboard style, how much ram you'd like, hard-drive capacity, accelerator and any extras you would like.

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