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A ready to use 'hard drive' for your Amiga 600. Super easy to fit, barely an inconvenience.

- The latest CF adaptor and quality branded 4GB CF card that acts just like a prepped A600 hard disk.

- Formatted, Installed and ready to go!

Your A600 requires Kickstart 37.300 and above.

This amazing bit of kit will work with 2MB of ram but really requires a minimum of 4 MB to run all games and software.


- Magic Workbench

- Plug & Play

- Connects to the internal IDE port of your Amiga A600

- Super fast read & write!

- Includes DOpus File management

- Installed with WHDLOAD, software, games and demos
- Programmed to stop drive clicking
- Will automatically detect PCMCIA adaptor for transfer of ADF files from your PC
- No noise, No heat
- IDE lead already attached, Just Plug & Play
- Just plug 44pin ide cable to the internal IDE connector and it'll work
- Partition into 3 sections :  Magic Workbench release, Games & Software

Installed within minutes.

Brand new Compact flash hardrive is the new solid state type, no noise, no heat, low power, shock resistant and just as fast as an old 2.5" laptop HDD.



Amiga A600 with Kickstart 37.300 or above.

Amiga 600 with a minimum of 4mb ram recommended.


Note: Design may differ. Image for illustration.

A600 4GB CF hard-drive Kit for Amiga 600 [Magic Workbench]

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