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Commodore Amiga Specialists

Everything Amiga | Games, Software, Expansions, Addon's, Spares & More

We've been avid fans and "experts" in the Amiga market since 1990, and there's probably not a lot we don't know about this wonderful machine. We're confident in all things 'Amiga' and we're more than willing to share our knowledge with you. If you've got a technical question of can't make your mind up between the options available, just ask, we'll try our best to help or at the least point you in the right direction.

We're confident in what we do, we're passionate about the Amiga and it's community and we're always willing to help.


Just Beautiful

Custom Built, Stunning reconditioned, sprayed and upgraded Amiga 600's and Amiga A1200's


Essential Spares

An ever growing range of Amiga Parts to help repair or replace parts on your Amiga.


All Sorts of Goodies

A range of addon's, expansions, joysticks and peripherals for your Amiga.


Customised Cases

Custom sprayed Amiga 500, 600 & 1200 cases. all cleaned, repaired, primed, sprayed in any colour you choose, and sealed.

Amiga disk lemmings christmas xmas

Amiga Disks

A range of classic Amiga games on Amiga floppy disks, Limited stocks on most titles.

amiga relokick disk

Essential Utilities

A selection of essential tools and driver disks for your Amiga.

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