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Trade-In, Trade Up

Trade-In or Sale Opportunity for Commodore 64 & Amiga Goods

Now is the perfect time to trade-in or sell us any of your old Commodore related devices, hardware or software, be it a dirty old case for a shiny new one, a box of pre-loved Amiga or C64 games for a SD card reader or whatever you wish. Get an estimation of the value we'll offer you when you trade-in your unwanted item/s for something new.

Don't want to trade-in? If you have Commodore related items that you would like to sell, you can still fill in the form below as we do also buy old equipment and vintage tech.

The valuation we quote you is based on your description and uploaded photos. We will always offer the best possible trade-in opportunity over what we offer to buy them for.


* After submission, we'll email you with the value we'll give you in part exchange or sale for the goods you have requested, along with details on where to send them etc.

Image File

* Images: Upload up to 5 clear images of the items you wish to trade-in.  Trouble uploading JPG files? You can just email them to us, that's fine.

Thanks, We'll reply via email soon.

How does our trade-in work?

1. Complete the form above for a valuation estimate for hardware and fixed prices on games/software.
2. You'll get any offer back via email with a one-on-one contact, so you can ask questions and communicate with us even easier.

3. If you are happy to proceed with the part-exchange or sale then you just reply to the email and we'll give you a reference number.

4. If you're in a hurry, go-ahead and order the item/s you want, and we'll send them to you without delay.

5. If you are not in a hurry, Package up your trade-in items and send them to us with the reference number we'll give you.

6. Once received, we'll run some quick tests to confirm the item/s match our initial expectations. (we promise , we'll only ever change our offer to you if your description of the condition doesn't match the goods you sent us) 

7. We'll then either email you a discount-code to the trade-in value or we'll process a part-refund of your purchase price or send you the agreed amount via Paypal.

* Unfortunately, we may not always be interested in what you have available.

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