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Commodore Amiga Service & Repair

Is your Amiga in need of some Professional help?

We can repair most Amiga problems. We'll initially investigate the faults you're having and report back to you with our diagnosis and options open to you for it's repair. Most issues can be fixed with nothing further to pay.

We have a fully equipped repair facility specialising in Amiga repairs. It's complete with a qualified engineer who has many years of Amiga experience.


If you're asking yourself “Why doesn’t it work?" or you know what's wrong and just need someone to fix the issue, we’ve got the skills to bring your Amiga back to life.

Unlike our Commodore 64 repair service, we don’t offer a fixed price Amiga repair service. After our diagnosis, we’ll discuss options and give you an honest opinion and estimated costs, should there be any.


Here's what we can help with...

 - Investigate the Issues with your Amiga

 - Repair to a battery leak

 - Replacements of all components including surface mount ICs

 - Port replacements such as broken mouse port

 - Repair of damaged pins such as hard drive, pcmcia or floppy connectors.

 - Socket replacements like a damaged Agnus or CPU socket
- PCB repair to damaged tracks

We pride ourself on our email communication and we'll keep you informed of the diagnostic results, and never commence any aditional work without an agreement of how much it will cost and a the work timescale.

About Our Service

Order this service and send us your motherboard to fully diagnose the issue/s and if it's a quick fix we'll do the work. If not we'll let you know what needs doing and the costs involved. If you decide it's not something you'd like to proceed with we'll return you machine to you.


We're happy to accept whole machines if you don't have the confidence to open it up and remove the motherboard, however there is an additional cost of £15 which we will send you a payment request for after the work is completed.

This service does not include a full recap of your motherboard.

This is what we'll do within this initial cost:

  - Diagnose any issues with your Amiga
  - Repair to Dry Joints

  - Essential Capacitor Replacement

  - Fix Colour Issues

  - Other Minor Fixes

This may well be enough to get your Amiga back in working order!

How It Works

Ordering our repair service is easy.
1. Click the Order-Now button below to order the initial diagnostics service.

2. Make your payment using credit or debit card.

3. Check your email inbox for details and instructions on how to package your machine and where to send it. (UK Mainland)

4. Send your machine/motherboard to us with your name/address and a copy of your receipt/order number, as well as a short description of the fault/s.

5. We'll then investigate the problems you're having and contact you in good-time with a fix or resolution and ask for any additional payment.

What should I send in?

If you are confident the issue/s are just with the motherboard you can send in just your motherboard, otherwise it's best to send in the whole machine. (minus the power-supply & mouse) But doing so will cost an additional £15.00

How long is all this going to take?

We endeavour to do the initial diagnostics within a few days of receipt of your machine. Then the repair may take around 12-14 days.

What if I decide not to have my Amiga repaired after the initial diagnosis?

If you choose not to have the repair work done, then we will return your motherboard/computer to you within a few days.


The costs for international shipping (in both directions) is very expensive, the shipping costs alone would likely be more than the actual cost repair, and as such we offer this service to primarily UK customers.  If you are overseas and would still like us to service your machine, please email us first before ordering, and we will let you shipping details, import tax liabilities and estimated costs to return your working machine.

Repairs and chip replacements can only be offered to PAL UK specification machines.

Should your actual Amiga keyboard/membrane be faulty, we will contact you with details of it's condition and offer options to replace for a replacement membrane if you wish.

Repairs for overseas customers is possible but please contact us first. you will be responsible for any import/export charges.

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