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Custom Commodore Amiga's

We'll Build You a Customised Amiga A600 or A1200

Fully customisable recapped Amiga system

Are you longing to relive the best time of your life or upgrade your current Amiga setup?  We can custom make the perfect unique Amiga A600 or A1200 just for you normally in around 21-28 days. 

Your machine will be cleaned, primed, sprayed in a colour of your choice and sealed to ensure many years of use.


- Unique eye-catching Commodore Amiga Computer

- UK Specification PAL machine
- Internal Hard drive (CF) with choice of size

- Choice of Kickstart roms

- Recapped Motherboard

- Additional RAM or Accelerator

- Pre-Installed with Magic Workbench or Scalos

- WHDload PD Games Pre-Installed and ready to run

- Essential Classic Amiga Utilities, Applications and Mega Demos Pre-Installed


Don't worry too much if you order something that does not compute as such, we'll make any changes necessary to ensure your custom built Amiga is the best it can be.

* Optional Extras:

      New Power Supply, Mouse, Joystick & TV Scart Cable.

We test the machine fully whilst building it and before shipping it out to you.


  1. Your Case Colour

  2. Motherboard & roms

  3. Ram/Accelerator Board

  4. Harddrive Capacity

  5. Floppy or Gotek Drive

  6. Mouse & Power Supply

  7. Keyboard Colour

Choose what extra ram you would like or go full out and have an accelerator fitted.

Choose between a regular Amiga floppy drive or internal or external Gotek drive that allows you to run ADF files on your Amiga via a USB stick.

Because of availability of some products your machine will be supplied with a minimum of what you request.

We'll always go one-step further and make your custom Amiga just that bit better than you expect.


Items marked with * can only be purchased as part of a custom built Amiga System.

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