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A Super-easy to install and ready to use "replacement hard drive" for your Amiga 1200 (Includes a wealth of AGA software)

- The latest CF adaptor and quality branded 16GB CF card that acts just like a prepped A1200 hard disk.

- Formated and installed with Scalos (A modern replacement for Workbench)

Your A1200 requires Kickstart 3.0 or above.


This amazing bit of kit will work with 4MB+ of ram fitted to your Amiga1200 (6MB or more recommended) - use classic Amiga software and play games and demos direct from the hard disk!


- Plug & Play

- Connects to the internal IDE port o fthe Amiga

- Includes The Workbench 3 replacement: Scalos - Ready to boot!

- Extra AGA Software

- Boots in around 10 seconds!

- Includes DOpus file management system

- Includes WHDLOAD, games and software

 - Super fast read & write!
- Will automatically detect PCMCIA adaptor for transfer of ADF files from your PC
- No noise, No heat
- IDE lead already attached, Just Plug & play : no mistakes, can only fit one way!
- Just plug 44pin ide cable to the internal IDE connector and it'll work
- Partitioned into 4 sections : Workbench/Scalos, Games 1, Games 2, Software & Demo's

Installed within minutes.

Brand new Compact flash hardrive is the new solid state type, no noise, no heat, low power, shock resistant and just as fast as a laptop HDD.


What  is Scalos? 'Scalos is a 100% compatible public-domain desktop replacement for the original Amiga Workbench GUI, based on a subset of APIs and its own front-end window manager of the same name. Its goal is to emulate the real Workbench behaviour, plus integrating additional functionality and an enhanced look and feel.'


IMPORTANT : This version may not be compatible with Amiga 1200's with ACA1221EC or Blizzard 1220/4 cards


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16GB CF hard-drive kit for Amiga 1200 [Scalos OS]

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