Amiga Recapping Service

Are you looking to have your Amiga capacitors replaced?

What is recapping?

As your Amiga ages the capacitors are be prone to leaking over time, remember these are 20 plus years old so it’s a good preventative measure to replace the capacitors as once they leak they can eat through the copper circuitry and cause either permanent damage or an expensive repair job.

About Our Amiga Recapping Service

So what issues could be seen if your Amiga is not recapped?

  • • Sound problems

  • • Random rebooting

  • • Guru Errors

What we expect
Your mainboard has to be in working condition and has had no attempted recapping work done to it previously.

What's included?
• A check of the board before recapping is begun.
• Removal of existing capacitors (both SMD and radial capacitors).
• Cleanup and preparation of board.
• Replace capacitors using branded replacements.
• Re-test (Video, Audio, Floppy Boot, Harddrive boot)
• Free return postage of your recapped board or machine to any UK address.
* No need to send your power-supply or mouse.

- Amiga 1200/600 & A500 capacitor replacement service
- All board revisions (1A,1B,1D1,1D4,2B)
- Please note: This is NOT a repair service.

How It Works

Ordering our re-capping service is easy.
1. Click below to see the buying options.

2. Make your payment using credit or debit card.

3. Check your email inbox for details and instructions on how to package your machine and where and how to send it. (UK Mainland)

4. Send your machine or boards to us with your name/address and a copy of your receipt.

5. Sit back and wait about a week and you should receive your working, recapped and tested Amiga back from our workshop.


Please note: This is not a repair service... Your Amiga must be in working order and not had any previous attempt of re-capping done. *The costs for international shipping (in both directions) is very expensive, the shipping costs alone would be more than the actual cost re-capping, and as such we can only offer this service to UK customers.

Amiga recapping
Amiga recapping

Amiga re-cap service

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Amiga 1200 re-capping service
Amiga 1200 re-capping service

Recap your A1200

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Amiga 600 Caps
Amiga 600 Caps

Amiga A600 re-capped

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Amiga recapping
Amiga recapping

Amiga re-cap service

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