Custom Commodore 64 Cases

We've been creating very unique looking C64's for Years.

Are you wanting a unique looking Commodore 64?  After years of experimenting and spraying C64 cases (housings), we think we have it pretty much perfected it as best we possibly can. Hundreds of Commodore owners have trusted us to create them a custom sprayed case for their C64. We generally have pre-strayed unique C64C & Breadbin (Breadbox for our friends in the US) cases in stock, but can custom spray a case just for you.  We also now offer a superb looking Perspex acrylic case for your C64 too.
A unique Commodore 64case.  Make your C64 stand out with a stunning replacement casing.
- Finished in eye-catching colours or cleaned original C64 colour
- Includes a new Commodore badge with a brushed metal finish
- Easy to refit your machines motherboard, keyboard etc. Make your Commodore 64 even more awesome!
Cleaned, Primed, Sprayed and Sealed - Our technique makes any ageing, discoloured case virtually new again!