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commodore 64 joysticks

Joysticks for Commodore 64

Some of our favourite retro C64 compatible joysticks.

We fully appreciate your Commodore 64 has more than a few classic games, but without a comfortable joystick, you can't necessary get the full potential of the game you're playing. So we currently offer a selection of what we think are some of the best C64 joysticks ever made, We referring to the likes of the superb Completion Pro 5000, The Zipstik and even 'The Cheetah Bug'.

Over the lifespan of the Commodore 64 there has quite possibly been 100 or more compatible joystick controllers released, but that's not to say they were all particularly great. Lets just take the 'Mastertronic Magnum' joystick as an example, it was a terribly built joystick.

many of these Joysticks are also compatible with the Atari ST, Atari 2600, Amstrad, Spectrum etc.

What is the Best Joystick for the Commodore 64?


If you are looking for an new Commodore 64 joystick then you may want to think about a Zipstick joystick or an Commodore 64 controller like the Competition pro joystick which both feature super tough shafts along with micro-switched buttons and direction contacts.

The most iconic C64 Joystick is possibly the Competition Pro Joystick for the Commodore 64 is quite often considered the best C64 joystick and is many peoples first choice for Commodore 64 arcade games, and whilst most of the Quickshot C64 joysticks contain microswitches, they are not built anywhere as strong as the Zipstik or Competition Pro joysticks.

You may also want to consider a C64 joypad, although not as popular on the Commodore, they are very popular on other machines.

Your new Commodore joystick features a standard pin 9-pin  D (DB9) plug that was on the original Atari computer and console systems.

So what is the best Commodore 64 joystick?
We believe that almost any joystick that features a steel shaft and are micro-switched are a very good place to start.  So our favourite Commodore 64 joysticks are the The Competition Pro 5000, ZipStik, The Cruiser, Konix Speedking followed by the Bug joystick. 

All these Commodore joysticks should keep you gaming for many years to come.

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