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Everything C64 | Games, Software, Expansions, Addon's, Spares, Repairs & More

We've been huge fans of the Commodore 64 singe the early 80's, there's probably not a lot we don't know about this classic machine. We're confident in all things '64' and we're happy to advice on anything 64 related. If you've got a technical question of can't make your mind up between the options available, just ask, we'll try our best to help or at the least point you in the right direction.

We begun experimenting cleaning up yellowing C64 cases in circa 2018, and now have a number available as one-offs on the website, available as ready-2-go machines or just the cases, where you can refit your current Commodore 64 motherboard & keyboard.

We have an ever-growing selection of some of the best and rarest C64 games released and some great innovations when it comes to add-ons like the plug and go SD2IEC adapter and the compact TAPECART SD device .

We're confident in what we do, we're passionate about the C64 and it's community, and we're always willing to help.


Custom Built C64's

Stunning reconditioned, sprayed  and upgraded Commodore 64 range.


Stunning C64 Cases

A selection of customised Commodore 64 cases and unique casings.


SD Card Readers

A range of addon's, expansions, joysticks and peripherals for your Commodore 64.


C64 Repair Service

We'll service and repair your Commodore 64.


Tapes, Disks & CD's

A range of classic C64 games and software on USB, cassette, diskette, CD-ROM.


C64 Joysticks

large choice of classic C64 joysticks like the ZipStik, Competition Pro and more.


Is your Commodore 64 sick, dying or dead? Do you get a dark screen when you turn on your old C64? It's probably not dead, It may  just needs a bit of attention, a good clean-out and a new chip or two.


If you're thinking this is going to be an expensive fix, then think again. 

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