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We have been massive fans of the Commodore 64 since day one!  We begun experimenting cleaning up yellowing C64 cases around 2 years ago, and now have a number available as one-offs on the website.  Available as ready-2-go machines or just the cases, where you can fit your current Commodore.

We have a small but growing selection of some of the best and rarest C64 games released and some great innovations when it comes to add-ons like the plug and go SD2IEC adaptor.

Just Beautiful

Stunning reconditioned, sprayed  and upgraded Amiga 600's and Amiga A1200's

All Sorts of Goodies

A range of addon's, expansions, joysticks and peripherals for the Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200.

Disks & CD's

A range of classic Amiga games and software on diskette and Amiga CD-ROM.


Is your Commodore 64 sick, dying or dead? Do you get a dark screen when you turn on your old C64? It's probably not dead, It may  just needs a bit of attention, a good clean-out and a new chip or two.


If you're thinking this is going to be an expensive fix, then think again. 

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