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New modern Power Supplies for Retro Computers

New Power Supplies for Retro Computers

New Power Supplies for Amiga, C64, Atari XL/XE, Colecovision, Sinclair QL, ZX Spectrum.

High-quality replacement power supply units for your favourite retro computers. Designed specifically for each system to preserve them in a pristine condition for years to come. Stabilized and filtered to ensure continued error-free operation of your machine. Robust and sturdy chassis with an OLED digital display, touch sensor. Fully fused and electrically protected.

Precision and dedication

The development of our series of Commodore, Amiga, Sinclair, Atari, Coleco, and TI power supplies has been driven by a sense of sentiment for retro-computing, combined with accuracy and dedication in creating electrical equipment to be proud of. It goes without saying, that the electronics has been designed by skilled professionals, thoroughly tested, and improved based on years of feedback from thousands of users. However, we have also put a lot of effort into the visual appearance of our power supplies. We design and manufacture our own enclosures with CNC and injection moulding technologies. The LED and OLED panels are carved from PMMA to give a modern appearance to the power supplies. Hundreds of hours of designing and perfecting have been put into these devices, to create not only a safe and robust power supply, but also a satisfying visual improvement to your system.

Robust and reliable design

This new 2022 range of PSU's was designed from scratch as a high-quality replacement for the original computer power supply. They feature an anti-ripple filter, along with a true transformer-based module. The power supply has a sturdy custom-made chassis with an OLED digital display monitoring the output voltage and uptime.

OLED digital display

The OLED digital series has a display showing the output voltage of the power supply, the uptime, and the total time of operation (stored in internal non-volatile memory). This allows to quickly monitor the basic state of the power supply. Touching the sensor below the display will toggle the currently displayed screen.

Safety first

Our new PSU's aredesigned to be safe for the user, and safe for the computer. It's protected from over-current and over-voltage, and fused on both the AC and DC sides. Nevertheless, it's mandatory to say that this is a 120/230V AC power device, which should not be opened, tampered with, or used for anything else than powering an unmodified computer. It's intended for indoor usage only, the maximum rated current should not be exceeded, and proper ventilation should be ensured. For reference, a picture of the opened power supply is shown below. CE Approved

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