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Exciting Fresh Amiga CD's

CD-ROM titles for your Commodore Amiga.

If you're lucky enough to have your Amiga connected to a CD-ROM drive, then this range of custom compiled CD's will likely get your juices flowing. Of course we have some great games compilations, but we also have some re-hashed classic PD collections and a selection of data CD's like our very limited 'Amiga cover-disk collection' and the complete Assassins games collection.

We add new Amiga CD's from time-to-time with a few exciting releases in the pipeline.
These CD's can also be used on or with a software-emulator like WinUAE.

How to Connect a CD Drive to your Amiga


For sheer simplicity you can use HiSoft's Squirrel PCMCIA-to-SCSI adapter and attach a standard external SCSI CD-ROM drive. The benefit of this is you don't need to open up the A600 or A1200, but then you can't use the PCMCIA for data transfer of a network card at the same time. 

Another option is to get a trapdoor SCSI controller (or an accelerator with built-in SCSI interface) and simply connect the pigtail to the unused trapdoor on the back of your Amiga 1200. You can then plug-in the external SCSI CD-ROM drive.

If you are wanting to use a low-cost IDE CD drive then you can get a short 2.5" to 3.5" IDE adapter to connect a standard IDE CD-ROM drive to the IDE connector on the A1200 motherboard. But the IDE controller in the Amiga 1200 is un-buffered and can be a little finicky about what you connect to it and just how long the cable can be. Also, you'll need to figure out how to route the cable out of the Amiga 1200 case.

We would say it's best to add a buffered IDE controller like the Elbox FastATA or 4xEIDE'99 and plug in any IDE CD-ROM drive, with longer cables if required along side an internal hard-drive or compact-flash drive.

You could quite possibly connect a slimline 'laptop' IDE CD-ROM drive with 2.5" cable internally to your Amiga 1200.

Or if you unable to use a real CD-ROM drive on your Amiga 600/1200 you can copy the contents of any Amiga CD-ROM to a Compact-Flash card (CF card) and use a 2.5" IDE adapter to attach it to the IDE port inside the Amiga. Or if it's just files you need to access from the "CD" just use a PCMCIA adapter plugged into the side of your Amiga to read the files from the card instead of the real CD (you'll need PCMCIA drivers installed which are contained on our self booting Directory Opus Disk this Amiga PCMCIA driver disk) - No Harddrive is required, so makes for a perfect low-cost solution.

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