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By using a Squirrel SCSI Interface you can add a SCAI CD or DVD drive on your Amiga A600 or Amiga A1200


The Squirrel SCSI Interface is the perfect choice for Amiga 600/1200 owners looking to connect their system to SCSI devices. This high-quality interface and supports up to seven SCSI devices. It is easy to install and supports all SCSI devices that are compatible with the Amiga 600/1200. The Squirrel SCSI Interface is the perfect way to upgrade your Amiga and unlock its full potential with a huge wealth of software available on CD-ROM.


What's Included:

- Squirrel PCMCIA SCSI Interface for A600 / A1200

- Driver Install Disk (for harddrive users)

- Quick CD Boot Disk (for floppy drive users)


Also Available

- Refurbished external SCSI CD-ROM / DVD drive, fully tested

Squirrel SCSI Interface for Amiga 600/1200

PriceFrom £120.00
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