Amiga External SCSI CD-ROM Drive

External SCSI CD-ROM Drive and Squirrel Interface & driver software

Suitable for Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200.


What's included:

- Refurbished external SCSI CD-ROM drive, fully tested

- Squirrel PCMCIA SCSI Interface for A600 / A1200

- Power Cable with UK Plug

- Driver / installation software on Amiga disk (hard drive installation recommended)

- Bonus Amiga CD-ROM featuring games and software.


Drives may differ in appearance as they are from a selection of manufacturers such as Power Computing, NEC, Panasonic, Yamaha, Samsung etc.


Choose from metallic red, metallic black, metallic purple, metallic gun-metal greay or stunning metallic electric blue or the starndard beige.


Each drive case is cleaned then primed, sprayed and sealed using our technique to give the best possible results to the appearance of your new CD-ROM drive. The beige drive is simply leaned and supplied in its originality.


Each drive goes through our 3 point test before being dispatched.

1. Cleaned Inside & out

2. Refurbished to the best possible condition

3. Setup, install and test on our test Amiga 600 before dispatch


* Images are for illustration

SCSI CD-ROM Drive & Squirrel Interface for Amiga 600/1200

PriceFrom £250.00
  • We strive to ensure continued stock of these items to ensure they can be shipped promptly, but please allow 28 days for dispatch of this item, particularly if you order a coloured drive.

  • Does the Drive come with Driver & Squirrel Interfac?

    Sure does. The Drives we offer are cleaned, thoroughly tested and supplied with the original HiSoft Squirrel Interface and driver Install disk. 

    What Amiga do I need?

    An Amiga 600 or Amiga 1200, preferably with extra ram and a harddrive.

    What CD File System do I need to install?

    There is no need to install any additional CD Files ystem for day-to-day use...  But we like AsimCDFS or AmiCDFileSystem - they provide full CDTV and CD32 emulation and can be downloaded from Aminet, other choices can be found on Aminet here.