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Recapped Commodore Amiga A600 For Sale | Available from Stock!

Cleaned, Reconditioned Amiga 600 fitted with Internal Gotek, Rotary & Oled


A Recapped Amiga A600 with Gotek in Sandstone, now available for sale on our website. This unique colour and texture add a distinctive touch to the classic Amiga A600, making it a standout piece in any retro computing collection. The two-tone case design enhances the visual appeal of this vintage computer, while the inclusion of the latest Gotek and OLED display ensures modern functionality and convenience. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this one-of-a-kind Recapped Amiga A600 in the rare and stunning Sandstone colour.



- PAL UK Specification Amiga 600 machine

- Recapped Motherboard

- 1mb Chip

- Two-tone sandstone top and black base Commodore Amiga 600 for Sale

- Internal Gotek with Oled & Rotary


Commodore Amiga 600 for Sale


- Ready to Go!

- 1000's of Games & Software titles!

- Recently Recapped

- USB Flashdrive for your ADF files

- Free Bonus DVD-ROM containing 1000's of ADF's

- Free Amiga Mouse

- Free Original Amiga Power-Supply* with UK, EU AU & NZ orders) *unless a new PSU is ordered.


Consider These:

- Optional Brand New Amiga Power Supply (UK, EU, AUS & USA) 

- Amiga RGB Scart Cable

- Amiga HDMI Upscaler Kit

- Amiga Joystick

Recapped Amiga A600 with Gotek [Sandstone]

Out of Stock
  • This is a UK specification machine (PAL with 220v-240v that uses a 50hz PSU) So will work in most countries. Shipping to the USA and other countries that do not directly support PAL / 220v-240v will only come with very limited after-sales technical support / warranty. 

    These machines/boards work in the USA when using a HD TV with a scart cable or scart-to-HDMI Adapter and an appropriate power-supply (available separately).    If you have questions or concerns, please ask for advice.

    See our PAL v NTSC page for more details.

  • We test the machine fully before despatch and whilst building.

    * Cables.. tested

    * All Ports.. tested

    * Floppy Drive

    * Keyboard.. tested

    * Harddrive^... tested

    * Mouse... tested

    * Sound.. tested

    * RGB Output.. tested

    * Ram.. tested

    * PCMCIA... tested

    * Power Supply.. tested

    * Gotek Drive (if fitted)... tested

    * Joystick.. tested

    * Extras.. tested

    ^ If applicable

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