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The Excellent KungFu Flash Cart from Kim Jorgensen the same talent that bought us the TAPECART SD device.


The Kung Fu Flash SD Card Reader C64 Cartridge is the ultimate solution for retro gaming enthusiasts who want to expand their Commodore 64/C128 gaming library. This cartridge has an inbuilt MicroSD card reader, capable of supporting Fat32 formatted SD cards. An 8GB card is included and setup to get you started right away. It's incredibly easy to use, simply plug the cartridge into your C64/C128 and access your games with ease. With the Kung Fu Flash SD Card Reader, you'll have access to a vast library of classic games, demos, and programs, making it the perfect addition to any retro gaming setup.


* Supplied as a standalone cartridge with a pre-configured MicroSD card.

* This device will load CRT, T64, D64, D71, D81, PRG, P00, ROM, BIN and easyflash files.
* It will load a disc image in seconds 

* Multi disk games not supported.

* You can also use this device for games as well as action replay carts.

* You can also use this cart as an easyflash device as it will load easyflash cart images.


KungFu Flash Cartridge supports the following cartridge types:
Normal cartridge (8k, 16k, Ultimax)
Action Replay v4.x/v5/v6
KCS Power Cartridge
Final Cartridge III(+)
Epyx Fastload & Simons' BASIC
Fun Play & Power Play
Ocean type 1 & Super Snapshot v5
C64 Game System & System 3
Dinamic & Comal-80
Zaxxon & Super Zaxxon
Magic Desk, Domark, HES Australia

- Works on PAL machines and may not be suitable for NTSC machines

- 3D Printed cartridge case colour/design may differ

- Label design and colour may differ.

- Thanks to Kim Jorgensen and others for this superb product.


* Colour/Design May Differ.

Kung Fu Flash SD Card Reader C64 Cartridge (+ 8GB Card)

£59.00 Regular Price
£49.00Sale Price


  • Kung Fu Flash was created by Kim Jorgensen and is based on or uses other open source projects listed here:

    - EasyFlash 3 by Thomas Giesel

    - Draco Browser by Sascha Bader

    - fatfs-stm32 by Aurelio Colosimo

    - FatFs by ChaN

    - libusb_stm32 by Dmitry Filimonchuk

    - stm32f4-bare-metal by Furkan Cayci

    - OpenC64Cart by Giorgioggì

    - EasyFlash 3 USB Utilities by Tomaz Kac

    - Disk2easyflash by ALeX Kazik


    More Info at:

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