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PRGress SD Card Reader for Commodore 64 - Faster than Tapuino, SD2IEC, PI1541 C64

PRGress Loader
 is similar to TAPuino but it doesn't load TAP files, It loads PRG files instead, at incredibly fast speeds!


- No tiny screen, no tiny buttons, No additional Power... Just Plug'n'Play


You use the built in browser to easily find what you want. Just plug in and PRGress is ready to go, hit SHIFT/RUN-STOP and PRGress's Easy access Tapecart SD menu appears, choose the game you want and hit enter!


The package includes:

- PRGress MicroSD reader unit

- Preformatted 8GB, ready to use Micro SD Card (minimum 8gb card supplied)

- Quick start Guide



Production Notes

- Hardware is the slimmed down Tapuino by sweetlilmre.

- Software is the Tapecart by Unseen and enthusi

- Tapecart SD is a fork of tapecart that adds SD card support using the Tapuino by KimJorgensen

Commodore 64 SD Card Reader with 8GB SD Card (PRGress)

SKU: PRGress+8GB