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Another very unique Commodore 64 with a 'Dark Thorn Print' effect finish!

Serviced, Refurbished, Tested, Cleaned, Primed and Sealed!


Another unique Commodore 64 for sale from

Our C64 for sale has a distinctive 'thorn' finish to the case that is sure to make your friends envious.


- Unique eye-catching Commodore 64 MKII

- UK Specification PAL machine

- In-built Sound activated LEDs
- Two tone finish: rustic black base and thorn print top



- Tapecart SD (replaces datassette. 100's of games included)
- C64 Video Cable (Better quality picture)
- Commodore 64 Joystick
- New C64 Power Supply


*Free Original PSU with UK, European & Australian orders, not sent if you order a new PSU.


*New modern USA, UK, AU & EU C64 Power Supply Available.


Commodore 64 C64C 'Dark Thorn' Edition

Out of Stock
  • It's an awesome low-cost addon that allows you to load .PRG files within seconds. We'll include a heap of .PRG files on the SD card to get you started!

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