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Welcome to Bomberland from RGCD, the land whose residents have a passion for explosive events! 

Over 10 years in development, Michal 'Skull' Okowicki's Bomberland brings classic console style multi-player party-gaming to the Commodore 64 like never seen before.


Complimenting epic and customisable 2-5 player death-match tournaments with an incendiary 36-arena single player campaign, no other 8-bit title even comes close to the chaos and boom-bastic mayhem of this cartridge-exclusive game! 


Featuring gorgeous high resolution graphics, challenging boss battles, tons of different enemies, password saves, game-changing power-ups, multiple play modes and an awesome SID soundtrack by Owen 'Conrad' Crowley.


Bomberland supports both the CGA (Protovision) and HIT (by Excess and Hitmen) four-player adaptors and even includes full keyboard support, so you can play it solo on a stock C64/128 without any peripherals!


Bomberland features:

- Gorgeous high resolution graphics!
- 21 different enemies to blast!
- 36 single player arenas to fight through (with password saves!)
- Challenging boss battles!
- 2-5 multiplayer chaos with multiple play modes! (2 player on 64GS)
- An awesome SID soundtrack!
- Full PAL & NTSC compatibility!


Bomberland has been tested on both PAL and NTSC machines, and works on the C64, C128 and GS

Bomberland 64 - Commodore 64 Cartridge



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