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Commodore Amiga AMINET.NET Software Library on USB Memory Stick for Classic Amiga's
A 64GB USB memory stick which contains a complete mirror of the Commodore Amiga software library FTP site. The drive contains nearly 60GB of classic Amiga computer software.

* Aminet is updated daily, this USB stick will not be bang up to date (est: 2020)


Aminet is the world's largest archive of Amiga-related software and files. Recognised among interesting FTP sites in early 1990s, Aminet was the largest public archive of software for any platform until around 1996. It contains the definitive collection of freeware & public domain applications, games, music mods, drivers, tools and utilities for the classic Commodore Amiga system (A500, A500+, A600, A1200 etc)
If you are a Commodore Amiga enthusiast then you should not be without this collection.
Insure yourself against potential Aminet site outages and saves time downloading files over slow internet connections!
The USB drive shown is indicative of the one you receive, but the style may change due to availability.


> The USB stick is brand new and tested before shipping.

> Contents may be zipped and require unzipping to access (eg:,,

> 64gb Flashdrive subject to design variation.

Requirements: PC / Laptop / Chromebook / Apple Mac  (Will not work with Windows XP or lower)


* You should consider our PCMCIA ADF/File transfer kit (Allows you to copy files from PC onto a CF card and then read them on your real Amiga 600/1200)

AMINET Collection (64GB USB) - Amiga Software

£50.70 Regular Price
£35.70Sale Price


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