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Commodore C64, C128 High Quality S-VIDEO & RCA Composite Video Cable


For Commodore systems fitted with an 8 pin DIN video socket and connects to your TV or monitor via the S-Video output or the composite / audio outputs to connect to any TV.


Suitable for:

- Commodore C64 / C64C

- Commodore C128

- Commodore Plus 4


An 8 pin DIN output is required on your machine, not suitable for older machines with 5 pin output.


A superior S-Video connection to your C64 will give the best video quality output.


- Hand built and tested in the UK by Retro Computer Shack

- Only quality components used

- Gold Plated S-Video output

- A 300ohm resister has been fitted to the chroma signal to reduce colour bleed.

- 1.5m in length (5ft)

- Suitable for PAL & NTSC machines


C64 S-Video Cable and other Commodore 64 Video Cables Now Available here.

S-Video Cable for Commodore 64 / C128

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