Nunchuk64 : Commodore 64 joystick adaptor to use SNES mini, Wii and NES mini controllers on C64 


With this you can use Wii, NES Mini or SNES mini controllers on your Amiga or C64 including wireless versions.


Just attach the unit to your C64 and connect your controllers.


Added Features:

With the additional buttons an 'UP' button has been mapped as well as a auto-fire button.

An extra function is SPACE, which triggers FIRE on controller port 1, this is very handy because you can use it to press the space bar in certain games


A long press of the built in button will swap the ports wihich  saves unplugging controllers for games that require Port 1 etc.


You can even use the top shoulder buttons of the SNES mini controller as left and right for driving games.

This is also perfect for the new Super Mario Bros port as UP is mapped to one of the control pad buttons.



Pressing the push-button switches the Nunchuk64 to different modes.

- Mode OFF ... LED is OFF
- Mode ON ...  LED is ON
- Mode F1 ...   LED flashes 1 time
- Mode F2 ...   LED flashes 2 times


Production Info

* Credit goes to djtulan who is the developer of this product.  (

* We cannot guarantee that every 3rd party make and model of controller will work with this device.

Nunchuk64 - Nintendo Wii / NES & SNES Mini Adapter for C64 / Amiga

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  • Credits for the development of this item go to djtulan/nunchuk64