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Ready to Play Multicarts for Commodore 64


Multicart I contains - 1985, 500cc Grand Prix, Acrobat, Aztec Challenge, Balletje De Luxe, Big Mac, Blagger, Burger Time, Cavelon, Choplifter, Cops and Robbers, Cosmic Commando, Daedalus, Decathlon, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Frogger 64, Galaxy, Gener Raider, HERO, Hallax, Hunter, Int Soccer, Jumpman Junior, Killer Watt, Kong, Krypton, Le Mans, Leaderboard Golf, Lode Runner, Mario Bros, Megahawk, Metamorphosis 2, Metamorphosis 3, Metamorphosis 4, Moon Patrol, Neoclyps, Olympic Skier, Outback, Pac-man, Paratroppers, Park Patrol, Pitfall 2 - Lost Caverns, Pitfall, Pole Position, Q-Bert, Quango, R1-D1 Unit Attack, Rapid Fire, River Raid, Robin to the Rescue, Ski, Star Wars, Sub Hunt 64, Super Chess, Treasure Island, U Up 'n Down, Voyager 64, Warzone, Wizard of Wor, Xerons, Zodiac.


Multicart II contains - Acceleration, Addition Race, Adds & Subs, Afo, Agent Blotto, Alg Vectors,  Amortn Table, Analysis 1, Ankova, Anova, Arrow!, Artillery, Atari II, Auto Add Tchr, BTC ADD, Bagel, Bairstow Nth, Balance, Base Change, Beads In A Ja, Bigtime, Biorhythm, Black Box, Bomb Add, Bonds, Brain Crane -, Brain Crane , Brain Crane x, Civil Battles, Comp Concept, Craps, Cyclon Battle, Dam Busters, Duck Shoot, Features Quiz, Hamlet, Hangman 1, Hangman 2, Hangman 3, Hangmath 1, Hangmath Word, Hi-Q, History Quiz, Hypo Auto, In Order, Master Mind1, Mastermind3, Matches, Petals Rose, Pizza, Print Sort, Rotate 1, Simulation, Snakes, Snark, Snerd, Snoopy, Startrek, Strings,Tower, Turtle, Warehouse.


Multicart + contains - Alien Sidestep, Astroblitz, 4 Diagnostic, Calc Result, CCS Mon, Centipede, Checkers, Close Encounters, Cosmic Life, Dance Fantasy, Diagnostic C64, Dot Gobbler, Dot Gobbler 2, Facemaker, Falconian Invader, Financial Advisor, Fraction Fever, Frog Master, Frogger, Graf64, Gridrunner, Hop Along Counting, Jaw Breaker, Juke Box, Kids on Keys, Kindercomp, Laser Zone, Magic Mon, Marios Brewery, Memory Manor, Minnesota Fats Pool, Moondust, Mr Cool, Omega Race, Pac Man, Pipes, Pitfall, Princes and Frog, Retro Ball, Save New York, Sea Speller, Song Maker, Space Action, Space Ricoshay (NTSC Only), Spitball, Stix, Super Smash, Tank Wars, The Fourth Sarcophagus, The Mutant Spider, The Pit, Threshold, Trashman, TSI Cycles, TSI Mazeman, Turbo Maze, Tylers Dungeon, Ultrex Quadromaze, Up and Down, Up for Grabs.


Multicart III contains - Aquanaut, Bandana City, Burger Time, Caverns of Sillahc, Crazy Kong, Cuddly Cuburt, Defender 64, Frogger 64, Front Line, Get Off My Garden, Guzzler, Melonmania, Micro Rescue, Missile Command, Panic 64, Quango, Scramble 64, Siren City, Spider and the Fly, Spriteman 64, Star Trek, Tales of the Arabian Nights, The Empire of Karn, The Heroes Of Karn, Trollie Wallie, Vortex Raider, Wallie Goes To Rhymeland, Warzone, Wheelin' Wallie, Where's my Bones? & Wild Ride.


Multicart IV contains - Archon, Arkanoid, Barbarian, Beach Head, Bruce Lee, Bubble Bobble, Chuckie Egg, Commando, Donkey Kong, Eagle Empire, Elite, Forbidden Forest, Fort Apocalypse, Hero, Impossible Mission, International Karate, Jumpman Junior, Jupiter Lander, Le Mans, Lode Runner, Mega Phoenix, Miner_2049'er, Operation Swordfish, Operation Wolf, Pac-Man, Paradroid, Pitstop, Roulder Dash,  Sea Wolf, Sentinel, Space Invaders, Sword of Fargoal, Telengard Mayday, Tetris & Wizard of Wor. 


- Cartridge case colour may differ.

- Some programs are for PAL or NTSC only, thus contents may vary slightly.

- Each cartridge sold individually.

- Thanks to sharewareplus, Dan Tootill,Fotios Kotsiopoulos & Aleksandar Marić and others for these superb products.

Multicart Games Collection - All Versions [choice]



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