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High Quality Amiga RGB Scart TV Cable

Suitable for all Commodore Amiga computer systems - fitted with a moulded 23 way RGB video port connector and plugs straight into the 21-pin scart socket on your television or monitor. 


Our high quality Amiga RGB scart cable will give you the best quality image on your TV or monitor. The Amiga scart cable is the best and most cost effective solution to using your television as an Amiga monitor.


Includes additional components fitted for best possible picture quality and compatibility with all types of television:  Plasma, LCD, LED and CRT.

- Provides full stereo audio on all televisions equipped with stereo speakers.

- Designed, Built and tested in the UK by Cool Novelties

- Suitable for PAL & NTSC Amiga's


Compatible with the following systems:

Commodore Amiga A500 / A500 +
Commodore Amiga A600 / A600HD
Commodore Amiga A1000
Commodore Amiga A1200 / A1200HD
Commodore Amiga A1500
Commodore Amiga A2000
Commodore Amiga A3000
Commodore Amiga A4000
Commodore CDTV

Amiga CD32 with TF330 Expansion



- 2 Metres of flexible screened video cable
- 21 Pin Euro Scart plug & stereo audio 
- 23-way D-sub socket RGB video plug

- Stereo audio cable

Amiga RGB Scart TV Cable [High Quality]


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