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A range of essential Amiga software applications all on real Amiga floppy disks with stunning full colour gloss vinyl labels as shown (disk colour may differ).


ADF BLITZER allows you to read and write ADF images from and to real Amiga floppy disks using your real Amiga A500+, A600 or A1200 using a simple graphical user interface (GUI).


This software requires your Amiga to have KS 2.04 or later to be able to use it (so Amiga 500+, Amiga 600, A1200 machines, or any Amiga with 3.1 ROM)


What does it do?

Allow you to easily create ADF files for use on PC (Amiga emulator) or you can extract ADF files back to real Amiga disks.


ADF-2-DISK - Allows you to send ADF images to real Amiga floppy disks using your real Amiga A500+, A600 or A1200 using a simple command line instruction.


just type: adf2disk FILENAME.ADF and the file will be written to your Amiga drive


- Requires Amiga with Kickstart 2.04 or later to be able to use it (so Amiga 500+, Amiga 600, A1200 machines

- It won't work on an original Amiga 500 with a 1.2 / 1.3 Kickstart ROM). 


To use this program requires using the CLI / Shell as it does not have a GUI so it's perfect for adding it to DOpus!


It's really easy to use!


TSGUI (TRACKSAVER GUI)  - Create Image files (also known as ADF or HDF) from any floppy disk or Amiga hard-disk partition.


- Runs on all Kickstart and Workbench versions from 1.2 to 4.0.

- Can create Image files (also known as ADF or HDF) from any floppy disk or harddisk partition

- Can write image files (ADF, HDF) back to disk

- Can be used from CLI or Workbench

- Can compress / decompress image files with GZIP or DMS

- Can create full HDD copies (HDF in "RDB mode")

- German and English Amiga Guide included

- Can create custom ADFs from copyprotected disks (experimental)


- DISKSALV 4.0 allows you to repair and recover files from real Amiga floppy and hard disks (including RDBs - Rigid Disk Blocks - to allow you to read your drive again) using your real Amiga A500+, A600, A1200.


DiskSalv is a disk recovery program. Its main purpose is to recover AmigaDOS disk integrity when a disk fails, or when impossible, the data from a failed disk.


- Originally, DiskSalv's only function was to extract as much data from a failed disk as possible and copy this information to another disk.

- DiskSalv 4 has extended this function in various ways. It can recover deleted files from an undamaged disk, which is often a more common need than failure recovery.

- In many cases, DiskSalv can fix a damaged disk in-place, rather than copy out its contents to another volume.

- DiskSalv 4 adds a number of related features. It can find partitions on a disk, even when AmigaDOS can't

- It can report errors on a disk without repairing them for you.

-It can backup an AmigaDOS volume to any AmigaDOS disk or tape device.


- You will need Workbench 2.0x or greater installed on your Amiga's hard drive.

- Will boot via Workbench disks also. (Additional external floppy drive highly recommended)


- X-COPY PROFESSIONAL for the Commodore Amiga range of computers (Amiga 500, Amiga 600, Amiga 1200, etc).


- An essential tool for all Amiga owners

- Back's up Amiga disks (disk 2 disk / disk 2 ram 2 disk)

- Various functions like format, disk check, dos copy, nibble copy etc



- Now supports CF0: at boot-up (A600/A1200)

- Copy, rename, move, delete files easily

- Setup actions to buttons to achieve whatever you desire


This disk is suitable for the Commodore Amiga range of computers (Amiga 500, A500+ , Amiga 600, Amiga 1200, etc) as this version will work with the full range of classic Amiga computers. No Harddrive required.


- Amiga Relokick 1.3 Degrader Kickstart for A500+ / A600 / A1200 / A4000  

Relokick 1.3 also known as a degrader, game booter or similar title.

An essential utility to temporarily downgrade your Amiga computer to Kickstart 1.3 to run old software and games.


The Relokick Disk degrades your system and allows backwards compatability to run most software that requires Kickstart 1.3 or a standard Amiga 500 computer.


*Just turn your Amiga OFF for five seconds and it will revert back to it's original Kickstart.


HiSoft Squirrel SCSI Driver disk

Use this software to install SCSI devices through the Squirrel  PCMCIA interface on your Amiga 600/1200. 


- Simple to install software (harddrive recommended)


- Octamed 4

OctaMED 4 MIDI Music Sampler Tracker Sequencer AMIGA 500 500+PLUS 600 1200 2000 3000 4000

- Runs on Kickstart 1.3 upwards (A500 and above)

- Powerful and many composers use it.


This is one of the best trackers for the Amiga. Nearly all modules ending in *.med have been created with this software.


Fix Disk is a program that works on an original Amiga 500 to recover as much as possible from a defective floppy disks and harddrives with partitions upto 48Mb.


D-Copy 3.1 An awesome FLOPPY DISK COPIER FORMATTER, DISK VERIFY & DISK BACKUP TOOL. Compatible with all Amiga's.  Disk boots direct to D-COPY.


- Amiga Test Kit v1.x by Keir Fraser is an excellent tool for diagnosing issues with memory, keyboard, floppy drive, controller ports, audio, video, CIA Chipset, RTC and serial / parallel ports.  Highly recommended tool!


SYS INFO v4.x  SysInfo is an application for Motorola 680x0 based Classic Amiga's and is used for getting information about the system like OS, performance, memory, library versions, hardware revisions and lots more


ADF TRANSFER KIT DISK.  This bootable Amiga disk can also be installed on your harddrive and contains PCMCIA drivers and software needed to read & write ADF files on your Amiga 600 or A1200.


Transfer any Amiga program, ADF file, data or whdload game via your PC to and from your Amiga.



* Updated Driver Disk.
* PCMCIA Driver Boot Disk & Hd install latest update for SD & Transcend cards.


- Add Music & Demo's
- Download Games from the Web
- Transfer any program ADF/DMS/LHA WHdload games from PC to Amiga
- Works without internal hard drive.

Essential Utilities - A Range of Tools Every Amiga Needs (Floppy Disk)

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