Drean Commodore 64C

Commodore 64-C 'Drean' Ultra Rare from Commodore Argentinian  - RARE

In Argentinia, the Commodore C64 was sold under the name "Drean". The company Drean bought parts from Commodore and built computers out of them to avoid import costs.

Looks to be very original parts - 326298 Rev A motherboard with gold pin ceramic dRam - 86 / 87 chips apart from early PLA and modern replacement SID chip.


The Drean 64C has a case that was designed by Drean in Argentinia but that  is very similar to the design of the original Commodore case. Differences are the round instead of rectangular power LED and a metal plate around the connectors on the right side of the computer.


The VIC-II graphics chip was replaced in the Drean by a MOS 6572, which supports the PAL-N TV-norm from South America. Most modern UK,EU, AUS TV's support this signal.


Because of the rarity of this model it's recommend to collectors only.


- Ultra-Rare Commodore 64

- Plunger keyboard

- PAL-N Specification

- Ceramic RAM chips

- Compatible with PRG, D64 & TCRT files

- Compatible with most standard & multi-game cartridges

- New replacement SID chip (Nano SwinSID) - Replaces the original 6581 chip



- TAPECART device with 8GB SD Card, Ready to go! (loads PRG files in seconds!)

- C64 to AV TV cable (3 RCA / Scart)


Fully tested...
We test the machine fully before despatch and whilst building.

- Video.. tested

- Cables.. tested
- Cartridge port.. tested
- Keyboard.. tested
- Sound / SID chip.. tested
- Cassette port.. tested

- Serial port.. tested
- Power Supply.. tested
- Joystick ports.. tested

** Power Supply Available Separately **


* New design power supply available separately here

Drean Commodore 64C [PAL-N]

PriceFrom £390.00
  • TAPECART is an awesome low-cost addon that allows you to load .PRG files within seconds. We'll include a heap of .PRG game files on the SD card (Public Domain) to get you started!  No more slooow cassette loading!