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Amiga 4000 for Sale with CD drive, dual floppy drives, 68030 processor, 16mb extra ram and more!


Step back in time and experience the power of the Commodore Amiga A4000, fully repaired and recapped to bring you a very collectable piece of computing history. This retro computer comes equipped with a CD drive and dual floppy drives, offering a range of options for loading and saving your favourite games and applications. With a Motorola 68030 processor, the Amiga A4000 provides impressive speed and performance for its time. Additionally, it comes with Magic Workbench installed, giving you a user-friendly interface to enhance your computing experience. Complete with accessories, this refurbished and sought-after Commodore Amiga A4000 is ready to add to your cherished Amiga collection.


Recapped in January 2024, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. This A4000 has been expertly repaired and re-socketed.


Equipped with dual floppy drives for easy data transfer, loading and saving, along with an IDE CD-ROM drive for seamless installation of software and access to a wealth of Amiga CD's. The A4000 comes with 2+ original internal hard drives, providing storage for all your files, applications, and games.



- Amiga 4000 with 68030 processor

- Dual Amiga floppy drives capable of also reading PC disks

- 2 x IDE Harddrives

- Scsi contoller and scsi harddrive

- Magic Workbench Installed

- Recapped January 2024

- Repaired and partly resocketed

- Battery removed

- 16mb FastRAM & 2mb ChipRAM

- CD-ROM Drive (ide)

- Superb condition clean keyboard

- Amiga compatible mouse

- Power cable

- Kickstart 3.1 Installed

- Not suitable for USA use

- Suitable for UK, EU & Australia use (230v)


Shipping is available Worldwide but UK delivery is preferred.


Whether you're a creative professional or a gaming enthusiast, the Commodore Amiga A4000 delivers exceptional performance and unparalleled flexibility for your computing needs.

Commodore Amiga A4000

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  • Recapped, Cleaned, Tested & Working, sold as shown.

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