C64Digital - Very Best Arcade Conversions

You could add some of the Best COMMODORE 64 games onto our nifty 'hi-tech' reproduction cassette tape!


Order the Packaging only (add your own USB flashdrive) or you can order with our retro-inspired cassette shaped USB flashdrive.


You can download and add any game you consider the best 'Arcade Conversions' for the C64


Example Titles:

Arcade Classics Gyruss
Arcanoid Ikari Warriors
Bionic Commando Marble Madness
Buggy Boy Midnight Resistance
Combat School Mr Do
Commando Arcade Edition   Ms. Pacman
Galaxian Rampage
Ghost 'n Goblins St. Dragon
Ghouls n' Ghosts Wonderboy
Green Beret Wonderboy in Monsterland
Guantlet Zaxxon


About the C64Digital range.

- Stunning Artwork

- Optional ingenious USB flashdrive built into a Cassette case!

- Superb Collectors Item for any Commodore 64 fan.


Downloaded games are compatible with:


SD2IEC on a real C64!


Smart Phones


THE C64 MINI (firmware update required)

THE C64 (firmware update may be required)

ALL C64 EMULATORS ON ANY PLATFORM including Windows, Amiga & Mac


You can freely download C64 games to add to your C64Digital device from websites like: c64.com  |  c64g.com

C64Digital - Very Best Arcade Conversions

PriceFrom £3.00
  • - The USB Flashdrive is supplied formatted and ready to add your own games.

    - No games are included.

    - Game titles/images are for illustration only.