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Your custom-built Amiga 1200 really needs a little extra-ram to use a harddrive, especially installed with the WHDload games etc... Choose from a budget 8MB Expansion, 68030, 68060 accelerator card, Vampire Empansion or a PiStorm Accelerator with Pre-configured Raspberry Pi (Minimum Pi 3A+).


What you can choose from:

 • 8MB ram expansion card, switchable to 4MB for PCMCIA compatibility

 • Unspecified 68030 Accelerator with 64mb ram minimum

 • Terrible Fire TF1230 Accelerator with 128mb ram

 • Terrible Fire TF1260 Accelerator with 128mb ram

 • PiStorm32 Lite with Raspberry Pi & 64GB SD (300mb+ ram) Subject to Availability


* Images are for illustration only.

* Prices include installation, setup and testing.


* Can only be purchased as part of a custom built Amiga 1200.

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*Amiga 1200 RAM Expansion/Accelerator 8mb-128mb

PriceFrom £10.00
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