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【7 in 1 Multifunctional Cleaner Kit】 Our electronic cleaning kit includes a cleaning pen with silicone nip, mini brush and flocking sponge brush; high-density soft brush, cleaning spray bottle (empty), fibre fleece swipe and keycap buckle. The kits can clean headphones, keyboards, monitors, phones, cameras etc.

【3 in 1 Foldable Cleaning Pen】 The silicone tip can clean dust and dirt from the hard to get-at places like earbuds holes, between keys, crevaces; 

【Efficiently Clean Your Screen】 Equipped with a 5 ml spray bottle (no cleaning liquid), You can fill it with screen cleaning liquid, isopropyl, spray an appropriate amount of cleaning liquid on the screen, and then wipe the screen with fibre fleece swipe, it's so simple and efficient! The spray bottle and fibre fleece swipe can easily remove dirt from computers, monitors, lenses, smart-phones, etc,... and fingerprints.

【High Density Soft Brush & Keycap Buckle 】 The high density brush has dense and moderately soft bristles, it's great for cleaning dust in various keyboards and monitor crevices. The keycap buckle allows for effortless removal of the keys for deeper cleaning (the keycap buckle only fits mechanical keyboards such as Amiga & C64).

【Easy to Carry and Store】Our cleaner kit is smaller than the palm of your hand, you can take it anywhere. It's a good tool for work, study and home.

7 in 1 Electronics & Computer Cleaner Kit

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