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The ultimate collection of classic Amiga Public Domain Games in ADF format, so can be used on real Amiga's either by transferring the images back to floppy disks or via a Gotek USB drive.


Hundreds of the best Public Domain 2D Shooters, originally made for the Amiga range of computers.


Classic Amiga Games in .ADF format, suitable for Emulation, Gotek Drives and for uncompressing back to real Amiga floppy disks.


Play on your Amiga Emulator or your real Amiga!


AMIGA: If you don't have a CD drive on your Amiga, you'll need one of our transfer kits such as: PCMCIA Compact Flash Kit or Parallel Transfer Kit or you can use this collection with an Amiga Emulator on your PC.


List of games will be added soon.


Package Includes:

CD-ROM in DVD Packaging. Download version also available.

Old Skool Retro Shoot'em Ups CD-ROM [Amiga ADF Files]

  • THEA500 MINI

    You can also use these ADF files on your A500 MINI, just copy a couple of hundred to a USB stick alon with THEA500 MINI firmware update.

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