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If you’re a fan of oldschool Amiga music, which we're sure you are, You will surely be interested in this great collection of .MOD Amiga music.  Over 18,000 songs strong!


Uncompressed on 4 CD-ROMs, Mods Anthology represents over two gigabytes of Soundtracker/Tracker MOD songs. If you calculate the average mod is 150k in size and lasts around 4 minutes average, this means you're aquiring a massive 60,000+ minutes of music. That's a huge 7 years of continuous rocking Amiga tunes.


Organized on 4 CD-ROMs by author (alphabetically spread out over the CDs) with the fourth CD dedicated to synth tunes, miscellaneous music, and "exotic formats", there's a ridiculous number of MODs here. Included is a version of DeliTracker, one of the most versatile MOD players out there.


There are a great number of old favorites and modern classics on here, as well as just about every MOD author on record.


One of our favourite parts of the collection is the "PlaySID" collection on disc 4, which is a whole lot of C64 SID tunes, also playable through DeliTracker.


Suitable for Amiga & Windows PC

* Four unbranded CD's supplied in CD sleeves. 

MODS Anthology [4 CD Set]

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