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This Sony VAIO External PCMCIA CD-ROM Drive model PCGA-CD51 is a great addition to any Amiga A600/A1200. With its compact design, this CD-ROM drive is easy to connect and use. Enjoy quick access to your favourite CDs for music, software & games with this reliable slimline self-powered external CD drive. It is compatible with both Amiga A600 and A1200 models, making it the perfect choice for all your retro computing needs.


There are a few PCMCIA CD drives that don’t require external power. The Sony Vaio ATAPI CD ROMs for PCMCIA are one of the few, Just plug it it and boot the driver disk (or simply copy the CD0: file to the DEVS/Dosdrivers folder of your harddrive.


PCMCIACD.devie is a device driver made by Aidan Holmes that comes with this package for use with the Sony PCGA-CD51 PCMCIA CD-ROM with your Amiga. These drives do not require any additional power to operate and plug directly into the PCMCIA port. Which is indeed a great purchase for Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200 owners.


What's Included

  • Sony PCGA-CD51 pcmcia CD-ROM Drive
  • Amiga Boot Disk (driver/files can be manually copied to your harddrive) 
  • 5x Amiga CD-ROM's to get you started (PD Games & Tools)


This driver disk has been developed for the Amiga 1200 and A600 and works with the supplied AmiCDFS aswell as AllegroCDFS, CDFileSystem, CacheCDFS and AsimCDFS.


*Images are representative of supplied item.

Sony VAIO CD-ROM Drive for Amiga A600/A1200

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