Amiga Coverdisk ADF Collection on DVD


Massive Amiga Public Domain Collection - Almost all Amiga magazine cover-disks on one DVD-ROM


ADF Cover Disk Collection for use with Amiga Emulators or on real Amiga's using a Gotek Drive.


This collection contains more than 2,000 Cover Disks from a number of different Amiga-related magazines.


Magazines include:-

- Amiga Action
- Amiga Animation
- Amiga Byte
- Amiga Computing
- Amiga Concept
- Amiga Dream
- Amiga Format
- Amiga Fun
- Amiga Games Disc & Mag
- Amiga Joker
- Amiga Magazin
- Amiga Magazine On Disk
- Amiga Mania
- Amiga Plus
- Amiga Power
- Amiga Shopper
- Amiga User International
- Amigo!
- Best of Amiga
- Commodore User
- CU Amiga
- Games-X
- New Computer Express
- Oz Amiga
- ST Amiga Format
- The One
- Your Amiga
- Zero


Please note that some individual disks may be missing from some magazine titles. This collection contains no emulator software.


ADF files so these can be used on any Amiga Emulator and any real Amiga using a Gotek Drive or by using ADF2Disk.

Contains - Demos, Games, Education, Word Processors, Utilities, Applications, Graphics, Music, in fact everything you ever could want for your Amiga.


Package Includes:

Printed DVD-ROM in CD sleeve or DVD Case.

Amiga Magazine Coverdisks - ADF Collection [DVD-ROM]

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