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Xenon 2 Amiga - It's the Perfect Display Piece for Collectors!

Definitely one of the best-looking and most stunning 'Shoot'em ups' in Amiga gaming history, and a must-have for every shooter fan.


We proudly offer this very rare promotional review bundle of the Commodore CDTV version of the game which should also work on Amiga CD32 and Amiga's with CD-ROM drive.


The CD contains 12 awesome soundtracks to accompany the game, a novelty 100 Token Bank Note  ie: 'Real Cash' to use in 'Crispin's Swop Shop', Limited-run t-shirt and a set of ten stunning collectors cards.


One of Amiga's Best Amiga Dhoot'em ups Ever!


The Xenites have returned and thrown time into turmoil. With five time bombs planted through history it is your task to take on the Xenites and save the universe.


Xenon 2, cited by the specialist press as being the finest example of its genre; with a mix of super graphics, and the most impressive sound heard on a home computer, Xenon 2 soon achieved cult status.


With its transition to CD, Xenon 2 had undergone a huge transformation. Gameplay remains unchanged, but enhancements include a choice of 12 tracks from artists such as Bomb the Bass, S'Express, Betty Boo and Baby Ford; in addition to digitised pictures and bios of all the featured artists.


The game also contains an integral manual with further animations and a choice of five languages, including Xenitese (for any aliens wishing to play). Xenon 2 is the complete visual and audial experience.



- Limited-run Xenon 2 T-shirt

- Original artwork re-packaged in brand-new CD case

- Promo copy of Xenon 2 (like-new condition CD-R)

- User guide / jewel case inserts

- 10 x double-sided Xenon 2 postcards

- Xenon 2 '100 token bill'

- Xenon 2 vinyl sticker


©1989-1991 The Bitmap Brothers.Image Works. The Assembly Line. Mirrorsoft Limited. Not for resale.

Xenon 2: Megablast CDTV | Amiga CD

PriceFrom £30.00
  • Magazine review/promo CD-R produced originally for the Commodore CDTV, but has been tested on our Amiga CD32 & Amiga A1200 with CD-ROM drive.

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