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With this handy SD card you can easily update the firmware on your ATGames Sega Mega Drive Flashback Console.


Adds nearly 600 Games to the menu!


Upgrade your Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) Flashback gaming experience with our upgraded 32GB SD Card. With this simple firmware update, you can unlock the full potential of your console and have access to over 5000 extra Megadrive/Genesis games. This upgrade is perfect for those looking to expand their gaming library and relive the nostalgia of classic Sega titles. The branded 32GB capacity allows for ample storage space, ensuring you'll never run out of new games to play. Elevate your gaming experience with the Sega Mega Drive Flashback Upgrade 32GB SD Card.


Our branded 32GB SD card updates the MegaDrive consoles firmware and allows you to add your own game roms... We've included some home-brew titles to get you going.


  • - 597 Games added to the menu with artwork
  • - 4500+ Bonus games


Requires Megadrive Flashback Console or Genesis Flashback Console by ATGames

Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) Flashback Upgrade 32GB SD Card

  • The latest Firmware update and bonus public-domain "homebrew" megadrive games that are compatible with the Mega Drive Flashback (Genesis) HD Games console. Works in PAL & NTSC regions.

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