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Scart to HDMI Converter scaler for Amiga & Commodore 64 (All models)

To our knowledge, this is the only RGB scart to hdmi converter that works with the Amiga and Commodore 64 due to the signals that Commodore machines output compared to other retro computers and consoles.


This ingenius SCART to HDMI Converter up-scales SCART (including RGB, Composite Video and Audio L/R) signal from devices such as the Amiga or Commodore 64's RGB output.


- HDMI Output Interface: Connect to HD TV or HD projector
   (HDMI output format: 720P @ 50 / 60Hz, 1080P @ 50 / 60HZ)
- Audio output format: digital coaxial audio / 3.5mm analog stereo audio
- SCART Input Interface: DVD, Satellite, Amiga, C64, Atari, BBC etc
   (SCART Input Format: PAL / NTSC_M / NTSC4.43 / SECAM / PLA-M / PAL-N)

- Scale SCART signal (RGB or composite video) to HDMI 720p or 1080P;
- HDMI output: 720P, 1080P;
- SCART audio has been integrated into the HDMI output and passed to the headphone or speaker output;
- Automatically detect RGB (50 / 60Hz), composite video (NTSC / PAL);
- Automatic stores output resolution settings

Package Includes:
Modified SCART to HDMI Converter

HDMI Cable
USB Power Cable (5v 1a)
User Guide


If your TV or monitor has scart input then there is no need for this device, just order a seperate scart cable for your C64 or Amiga as this device does not necessarily improve the image quality.


*Available with or without Amiga or C64 scart cable.

Amiga & C64 RGB Scart to HDMI Converter / Upscaler

PriceFrom £60.00

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