External Amiga Gotek Drive with OLED and Rotary with USB Pendrive

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Ready to use with USB flash pen drive included!

The Gotek USB Floppy Emulator can replace different kinds of floppy disk drive and allows you to use USB memory sticks instead of failing floppy disks.


Comes pre-configured with FlashFloppy installed as well as the drive sound mod (subject to availability) and rotary encoder and the beautiful OLED display. 


Add up to 100 ADF images to your 128mb USB flash drive (also included)


Can be used on any Amiga with a mixture of A500 / A600 public domain games and A1200 games included.


A must have for any Amiga owner!


Box Contains 
* 1 x Gotek Drive used as DF1: just plug into your external drive port with the supplied in-built cable and casing)
* 1 x 128mb USB FLASH Drive (Colour and Style may Vary)


Optional DVD, containing around 1600 PD games: Just drag & drop a few ADF files onto your USB stick.


Please note:

* USB stick design may differ from that shown

* Knob colour/style may differ

External Gotek USB Flash Drive with OLED & Rotary for Amiga

PriceFrom £130.00
  • * Coloured Gotek drive may take additional time to ship as the casing is manually Cleaned, Primed, Sprayed and Sealed.  * Beige Drives are supplied in original Amiga external floppy cases and as such may have minor wear marks on the casing.

  • This drive is setup for Amiga's. A little tech knowlege is an advantage. Here's how to add ADF files to the USB stick and a few other tips.

    - Simply download a few ADF files from sites like: www.planetemu.net/machine/amiga

    - Drag & drop a hand full of ADF's to the USB stick on your PC... (don't be tempted to copy 100's)

    - Pushing the knob in is like ejecting a disk. 

    - The CFG file on the USB should remain on the USB flashdrive, don't attempt to load it or edit it.

    - This drive is configured to only load Amiga ADF files.