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Katakis / Denaris on the Amiga is, like its counterpart on the C64, a shoot'em'up heavily influenced by R-Type.


It's a single space ship versus the machine intelligences from the planet Katakis in six side-scrolling levels. The R-Type influence is apparent in many ways: from the design of the player's ship and some enemies to the weapons system and even some of the level designs (for example, one level is a battle against a giant enemy ship reminiscent of R-Type's third level).


The player's ship is equipped with a standard forward-aiming weapon. Further powerups to be collected include a three-directional scattershot that can be upgraded from two to eight projectiles. A reflective laser bounces off the floors and ceiling to cause further damage. Also available is an autoseeker and a power shot which must be charged by holding on to the fire button. The R-Type influence on the weapons is most obvious with up to two protection satellites hovering above and below the ship, as well as the R-Ball, an indestructible object that can be docked to the front of the ship and be used as both a weapon and a shield (and thus is basically the same as R-Type's Force).


The game offers a two-player mode, with two players taking turns.


Choose from:

 - Original AMIGA disk or

 - The Amiga disk and USB flashdrive with the WHDload version for use on THEA500 MINI (plug & play)

Denaris (Amiga Disk / A500 Mini USB)

PriceFrom £5.70


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