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Commodore 64 A/V (Audio / Video) Adaptor

What is this for? If you want to easily connect your Commodore 64 to a TV or monitor without need for special cables! You can keep this adaptor permanently connected to your C64. No need to hassle with different cables in case you need switching between displays or audio devices.


What connections does it feature? The input side, connected to your Commodore 64, is an well-known but (sort of) difficult to get, is an DIN-8 which is the proper horseshoe shaped.


Features a high quality connector with outer shell that provides good support and fixation when inserted into your computer.


On the output side you have these connections available:
 - Composite Video output in yellow RCA jack 
 - Mono audio input in black RCA jack
 - Stereo audio output in two (red and white) RCA jacks
 - SVideo output in MiniDIN-4 connector


What else does it offer? Using three jumpers, you can control audio out, audio in and chroma-high.


 - Audio in: you can either enable or disable the audio in feature. When disabled, audio in pin is grounded.
 - Audio out: you can switch between stereo and dual mono modes.
 - Chroma high: you can enable chroma high function. The jumper essentially bridges internal 330R resistor on chroma line. Normal setting should be off, but you may try the effect on your setup - it should make colours more vibrant and allow the use of some miniature LCD screens.


How is it built? These are manufactured manually. The case is a very high quality FDM 3D print on one of the latest Prusa 3D printer and high quality Prusament or Fillamentum filaments. This version also features a high quality direct UV printed labels that will last.


  • Compatible with Commodore 64, Commodore C64C, Commodore 128, Commodore Plus/4, Commodore 128D, Commodore 16, and Commodore C116.


Developed by Sven Petersen and built with permission by

Colour may differ slightly from that shown.

Commodore C64 AV Adaptor - S-Video, Composite, Stereo Audio IN/OUT

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