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Connect your favourite USB keyboard to your Amiga computer!
Works perfectly with most modern wired and wireless keyboards on the market. It supports all keys available on original Amiga keyboard including *software reset.


A compact USB keyboard adapter for the Amiga. Looking for an Amiga usb keyboard adapter? Our advanced keyboard adapter fits into your Amiga with ease and allows the use of wired or wireless keyboards.


* To software reset your Amiga using your USB keyboard, just press LCTRL+LALT+DEL or LCTRL+LWIN+RWIN combination. Just like pressing CTRL+AMIGA+AMIGA


The adaptor is easily connected internaly to Amiga 600/A1200 board to chip U7 (just push into place)


The A500 version of the adaptor requires some technical ability.


- Replace or add as additional keyboard

Adaptor can be connected as a replacement for old (original) non working or broken keyboard. It can also be used as separate 'additional keyboard' for those who prefer a modern USB keyboard.


- Both adapter connected keyboard and original keyboard can work at the same time.


For those who create own "Amiga Tower" version
A must have for those who build their own Amiga tower system. The adaptor board also features an additional connector for connecting a 'Hardware reset' button.


Other USB & PS/2 Keyboard Adaptors Available

 -  AmiKEY 1200

 - AmiKEY 600

 - Lyra Style PS/2 Adaptor


Amiga USB Keyboard Adaptor [choice]

PriceFrom £39.00
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