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Essential if you are performing a tower conversion or desktop conversion on your Amiga 1200. This keyboard adapter allows multiple key presses unlike many on the market so it's great for gaming purposes and super-fast typists.


 - Suitable for the Amiga A1200
 - PC AT PS/2 keyboard support
 - Supports several keys being pressed simultaneously

 - Advanced Microprocessor Interface

 - Basic Installation guide included

 - Easy to Install


An advanced keyboard interface that allows you to connect any PC PS/2 style keyboard to the Amiga 1200.


The interface automatically identifies key presses. The Windows keys are the Amiga keys which allows you to perform a reset from the keyboard.


This interface does not interfere with FastATA or Mediator cards.


Symbol PC = Assigned Function

PAUSE (two times) = Amiga Boot

HOME = Right Shift + Left Arrow

END = Right Shift + Right Arrow

PAGE UP = Right Shift + Up Arrow

PAGE DOWN = Right Shift + Down Arrow

PRINT SCREEN = Left Amiga + M

MENU = Left Amiga + M

Left WINDOWS = Left Amiga

Right WINDOWS = Right Amiga

Lyra 3 PS/2 PC Keyboard Interface for Amiga 1200

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