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Professional Commodore Amiga Test Kit with Floppy Disk, Serial & Parallel Dongles.

Suitable for all classic Amiga computers. Amiga A500, A600, A1200, A1000, A2000, A3000 and Amiga A4000.


Test dongles for Amiga to test the serial and parallel connectors.
LEDs provide an indication of whether 5v / 12v / -12v are available, Can be used with Amiga Test Kit Software or with DiagROM.


How does it work:

1. Plug the dongle/s into the back of your Amiga then switch her on. The LED's light up if there is power and ground (which there should be, if not there is a fault with the power/ground circuit).


2. Insert and boot-up the supplied Amiga Test Kit disk - You can now perform a range of tests from the multiple-choice menu.


Tests include: keyboard, memory, floppy drive, controller ports, serial and parallel ports (with supplied dongles), RTC, chipset, CIA, audio and video. 


General Guide:

When selecting the parallel/serial port tests: follow the information on screen, this will guide you through the tests. When the software is scanning these ports the parallel or serial port connections are displayed in blue on screen. 


What's included:

- Floppy disk with the latest Amiga Test Kit Software

- Serial & Parallel test dongles


Amiga Tesk Kit Software written by Keir Fraser.

Amiga Test Kit with Serial & Parallel Dongles

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