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Official Commodore Amiga Testing Kit includes Floppy Disk and Serial & Parallel Dongles, compatible with all vintage Amiga models: A500, A600, A1200, A1000, A2000, A3000, and A4000.


Evaluate Amiga test dongles designed to assess the functionality of serial and parallel connectors. LEDs offer feedback on the availability of 5v, 12v, and -12v. Compatible with both Amiga Test Kit Software and DiagROM for comprehensive testing capabilities.


Instructions for operation:
1. Connect the dongles to the rear of your Amiga and power it on. The LEDs will illuminate if there is proper power and ground connection (if not, there may be a fault in the power ground circuit). 

2. Load the provided Amiga Test Kit disk and start it up - you can then conduct various tests from the menu with multiple choices available. These tests cover keyboard functionality, memory performance, floppy drive operation, controller ports, as well as serial and parallel ports using the provided dongles. Additionally, you can test RTC, chipset functionality, CIA operations, audio output, and video display capabilities.


Instructions for choosing parallel or serial port tests: Simply adhere to the on-screen instructions to navigate through the testing process. The software will highlight parallel or serial port connections in blue while scanning these ports.


What's included:

- Floppy disk with the latest Amiga Test Kit Software

- Serial & Parallel test dongles


Amiga Tesk Kit Software written by Keir Fraser.

Amiga Test Kit with Serial & Parallel Dongle

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