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This expansion provides up to 8MB of Fast RAM to your Amiga 1200. Also thanks to the fast memory access, you will get a 200%+ speed boost over an unexpanded A1200. The A1200 8MB Expansion lets you run Amiga software that requires fast memory, making it a great choice to play WHDLoad games from your hard drive.


Adding Amiga 1200 ram to your basic A1200 helps speed-up Workbench and Workbench applications.


Amiga 1200 8MB FastRAM Expansion doesn't require addional fixes on your A1200 motheboard. Installation is very easy via your A1200's trapdoor. The expansion is PCMCIA friendly by setting the 4/8MB jumper. In 4MB mode, the Amiga 1200 uses 4MB of Fast RAM and allows the use of PCMCIA devices that do not otherwise work in 8MB mode. 



• For Amiga A1200 - Plug & Play
• Increase your A1200's speed by around 230%
• Memory: 8 MB, 4MB for PCMCIA compatibility
• Genuine new edge connector.


*Design of board may differ slightly from that shown

Amiga 1200 8MB Fast Ram Expansion (Speeds up your A1200)

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