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Massive Amiga Public Domain Collection - Almost all Amiga magazine cover-disks available in one (or two) neat downloads.


Our ADF Cover Disk Collection is for use with Amiga Emulators or on real Amiga's using a Gotek Drive.


This collection contains more than 2,000 Cover Disks from a number of different Amiga-related magazines.


Magazines Include:-

- Amiga Action
- Amiga Animation
- Amiga Byte
- Amiga Computing
- Amiga Concept
- Amiga Dream
- Amiga Format
- Amiga Fun
- Amiga Games Disc & Mag
- Amiga Joker
- Amiga Magazin
- Amiga Magazine On Disk
- Amiga Mania
- Amiga Plus
- Amiga Power
- Amiga Shopper
- Amiga User International
- Amigo!
- Best of Amiga
- Commodore User
- CU Amiga
- Games-X
- New Computer Express
- Oz Amiga
- ST Amiga Format
- The One
- Your Amiga
- Zero


- Some individual disks may be missing from some magazine titles.

- This collection contains no emulator software.


These ADF files can be used on any Amiga Emulator and any real Amiga using a Gotek Drive or by using an ADF Transfer Kit for A500 or PCMCIA Transfer Kit for A600/A1200.

Contains - Demos, Games, Education, Word Processors, Utilities, Applications, Graphics, Music, in fact everything you ever could want for your Amiga.


- Download link emailed to you within 24 hours.

(Includes dvd cover artwork fo you to print yourself)


DVD-ROM version available here.

Amiga Coverdisk Collection [ADF files] DOWNLOAD


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